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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Tap That Thing

Or so I recall being told.

After quite the while out of doors this morning, I was glistenin' (we Southern women do not sweat), and longing for a lukewarm shower.

Only a drip or two escaped when I turned the faucet on.

When you live Next Door to Nowhere, there is no water bill. There are a well, pump and septic tank, so a phone call will not provide a prompt return of service.

I don't do cold, so I tolerate the heat. Hawt is one thing. Hawt 'n Glistenin' is something entirely different.

I ran through the usual checklist (flipping switches in case of a tripped circuit breaker) with no luck.

The water pump of the Humble Home is UNDER the Humble Home. Where the creepy-crawlies live.

I was on the verge of soliciting the services of a pro (I was GLISTENIN', y'all - money didn't matter), when I remembered that just such a thing had occurred in the past.

The last time the water pump failed, the President of Neighborhood Watch was home and was kind enough to give it a "look-see" for me.

He was able to get that pump up and running again in no time. I vaguely remember him saying something about dust or spider webs interfering with electrical contacts.

I definitely remember him saying, "Sometimes, you just gotta tap that thing".

I didn't know which thing to tap, but I got all brave and stuff, crawled under the Humble Home where the creepy-crawlies live with a screwdriver in hand, and I tapped that damn water pump 'till it started working again!


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