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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Unclean Hands

Most questions I have about Cindy Sheehan and the band of merry maniacs staging a protest at the entrance of the President's home can never be answered.

Some may be answered soon.

She said protesters would ask for a restraining order to keep Northern away from their camp.

'Round here, you just can't camp out along the highway. The State maintains complete control of the right-of-way, which includes the expanse of a road or highway and several feet on either side of it.

Utility companies don't smile kindly on infringements on their easements, either.

I believe if the same holds true in Texas, even if the group has permission to camp on private property and they haven't obtained permission to impede existing easements and rights-of-way, parking along the edge of the highway and erecting structures (monuments, tents, port-a-potties) would be in direct violation of the law and wouldn’t "Unclean Hands" be slapped by any judge they attempted to obtain a restraining order from?


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