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Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Next Cable Bill

may be addressed similarly.

I didn't call a dozen times, but I firmly and politely requested the free service touted as a remedy for their failure to keep scheduled repair calls.

Though it was clear to the customer service representative who answered my second call in as many days that everyone in the neighborhood was suffering from outages, and I attempted to explain we'd experienced the exact same outages last year, he insisted that the only way to properly diagnose the problem was to begin at my home.

I left work early to be here during the two-hour time frame mandated. An hour and some forty minutes later, the repairman called. He was working on a main switch, "Because everybody in your neighborhood is having problems" and wouldn't be able to keep the scheduled appointment.

If only customer service representatives were trained to listen and respond accordingly instead of being directed to read from manuals based on one or two chosen words.


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