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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

When Resignation Becomes Resolve

"It's not gonna change, it's not gonna change, cause they said it was supposed to change a long time ago and it's not changed yet,"

The words of resignation...or, What Is Will Continue to Be, For We are Powerless.

"In the past seven years of this administration, we have had three police chiefs, an interim chief and seven months with no chief; how are we going to get anybody with a vision to come to Lake City when there is no job security here?" Lake City resident Jerome Ballard asked during the meeting. "If we ever get another chief, he needs to be given the latitude to run his department. We don't need to let Lake City be a puppet with one man pulling the strings."

Lake City Mayor LaRue Alford explained that the type of government the city is under was in place before he took office and that form of municipal government requires the city administrator to do the "day-to-day running of the city," and all the "hiring and firing."

"Who hires the city administrator?" Ballard responded.

At this and several other points, the crowd, many of them standing along the back wall of the city's court room, clapped and cheered.

"The man was doing a good job," Lake City resident Judy Anderson said of former Lake City Police Chief Kenneth McCaster, who said last week he was fired. "This police department has been corrupt since I was a child. Every time SLED is coming, they let one person in the department know and then everyone gets their liquor put up."

"This is hurting the town because of the way people from the outside perceive us," Former Lake City Mayor Bill Sebnick said. "Those who come in and look at out empty spec buildings say they aren't going to locate their business here because we have too much upheaval and turmoil in our town."

The words of resolve...or, What is Will No Longer Be, For We Have the Power to Institute Change.


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