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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Welcome Home, Lt. Col. Foster

Welcome Home.

"When they first notified us that he was missing in Vietnam in 1969, I really didn't know what that meant," said Fraughton, a rancher in southwest Wyoming. "I was 14. To me, it meant he was gone for a while, and my father had been gone a few times."

Fraughton and her mother, Erna Foster, went to meetings, MIA rallies and even to Laos in search of answers. Erna Foster kept her home on Orchard Drive, just off Bragg Boulevard, exactly as her husband left it. A wooden boat he built stayed in the yard. The furniture he crafted, his drawings and oil paintings, and his portrait above the piano - nothing moved for about 10 years, until the military declared Foster dead.

Erna Foster died three years ago. She knew the military was working on remains that were probably her husband's. She spoke little of her husband over the years and never remarried. Fraughton said the loss was difficult.

You, sir, were not forgotten.


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