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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Inquiry

Preface: After much thought, I have responded to the letter posted below and have copied my response to the appropriate. Those who know me best know that such matters are not personal battles; they are battles that I believe need to be fought for the unware and underprivileged.

With Hope, -p-

I received the attached yesterday and must ask for further explanation.

Why is an assignment being given before the school year begins? The flyer indicates a due date of August 12, but surely the assignors are aware that (a) students have no access to the school library; (b) even if students have access to the school library, prints of the five publications requiring reading are limited; and, (c) though some students have access to the county's public library, not all do, and those who have such access again face limited availability of five required readings.

Are parents required to purchase one or more books, or is the school district prepared to provide all students with copies of the books to be read in order to complete the assignment?

Why is an "Accelerated Reader test" required? To my knowledge, the Accelerated Reading Program is an extra-curricular activity and, as such, is not subject to grading.

I look forward to your response.


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