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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Brief, Yet Cherished Reunion

A Mama's Reward

For Cheryl, a burden has been lifted now that her son is at her side. She said, "It's like you've got all this weight on you and it's hanging on your neck and it goes away."

Relief first felt when the family picked Brandon up from the airport Sunday.

Cheryl said, "When it was getting close for his plane to come, everybody was gathering and I'm like if any of you touch him before I do, I'll kill you."

She added, "When I first got to him, it's like I couldn't let go and we actually walked through the airport holding hands."

While he's only here for a short visit, Brandon is thankful, he can look into his mother's eyes. "I know there's a wonderful woman who loves me and cares about me a lot."

Brandon will return to Iraq within two weeks. He says his unit may be home by the summer.

May they reap the benefits of the time they have to share now.


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