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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Grandma's Quilt

Those who know me best know that I place little value on possessions.

I drive a little truck; it’s not new, but it’s safe, dependable, and utilitarian for one who lives next door to nowhere in the land where curbside garbage collection is a fantasy.

I live in a simple house; it’s small, constantly in need of one repair or another, but it’s never devoid of the comforts that only home can give.

I have one possession, though, that I value more than any other: Grandma’s Quilt.

Grandma’s Quilt was not inherited; in fact, it’s not even hers, it’s mine. I chose the plain color and the simple design, but Grandma made it, and she made it exquisite with her delicate, yet enduring stitches.

The prominence of Grandma’s Quilt is overshadowed by its position at the foot of my bed. It should be more properly displayed and given the honor it deserves, but like Grandma, it prefers to serve a more meaningful purpose.

It has provided much needed warmth during power failures, comfort through an abusive marriage that required nights spent elsewhere, and love when loneliness seemed overwhelming.

It has endured, being washed clean of tears of pain, Kool-Aid, little dirty foot prints, and dog hair, never once fraying to the stains of life.

It will always be Grandma’s Quilt, for it was sewn by loving hands that bind a family together with the same strength, dignity, grace, and endurance as the stitches that comprise it.


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