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Monday, March 14, 2005

As Close As He Could Be...

and grateful for the assistance of an operator who helped make it possible.

When eight-week-old Bryce Beutler is old enough to understand, his parents, Mike and Amber Beutler, will tell him the dramatic story of his birth. He’ll learn how his mother grew weary after hours of labor and how the doctors worried she would need surgery to deliver the baby. Her family was gathered at her side on Jan. 13 in the birthing room at Clarendon Memorial Hospital in Manning as the hours wore on — morning turned to afternoon, afternoon to evening, evening to night — and still no baby.

The one person who should have been holding Amber’s hand, wiping her brow and offering encouragement during the delivery — her husband — was a world away in Iraq, doing his part for the war effort.

But with the help of his supervisors in Iraq and a telephone operator at Shaw Air Force Base, Mike was able to check in with his wife and other family members present for the delivery throughout the day.

The Happy Ending...


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