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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Growing Up

Oh, the awkwardness of it!

One day, your life is virtually carefree.

The very next day, your feet have outgrown the rest of you, you have blemishes and you’re growing in places where you’ve never grown before.

The shoes you’ve loved for a month no longer fit. The jeans and t-shirts you got for Christmas don’t fit, either, and nothing new you try on looks right in the mirror.

You never cared before, but it suddenly matters that your shoes don’t make your feet look too big, and that your jeans and t-shirts don’t have “growing room”. More importantly, you want to be like your friends, but you don’t want to be exactly like your friends…you just can’t have the same shoes and clothes as your friends, but you have to have things similar to theirs.

You used to bathe only at the insistance of your mom, but now you have an overwhelming urge, not only to bathe, but you must do so utilizing fruity-scented shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.

You think nobody understands, but when your mom hugs you after you’ve refused to even try the sweater she liked in the store on, and not only assures you that your decision matters, but buys the t-shirts and sweatshirts she considers tacky for you without balking, takes you to Bath & Body, drops more than a dime on the fruity-smelling stuff you love, and gives you the cell phone you’ve coveted for a year and a half (even though with extreme restrictions), you know mom understands, and everything’s going to be OK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pam, You put very well into words the process of growing up. My son is now 13 and my daughter almost 12 and it's really interesting to see.

The love of the mom or dad is what helps them get through it with security. I know you're a great mom! Keep it up!

Amy Proctor

5:38 PM  

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