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Monday, February 28, 2005

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Project Posted by Hello

Gallon Jugs, Glue Guns, and Fishing Line Posted by Hello

A task quickly completed Posted by Hello

Once the project was completed, there was time for a game of Twister Moves Posted by Hello

Then there was the pillow fight Posted by Hello

If you feed them, they won't leave Posted by Hello

Sunday Smiles

Moves not included in the kid's dance repertoire...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I aged 10 years

in as many seconds last night.

The kid received the first of several dance costumes for the spring recital and, after much prodding, donned it for me.

Respecting her modesty, no pictures will be shared with friends or family.

This costume more than meets my approval. It, together with the disciplines of many a year of dance instruction, masks every little awkward prepubescent flaw, and gives my little girl a much-needed glimpse of all that I know: the confident, graceful, beautiful, poised young lady she is becoming.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


You did it!

(Columbia) Feb. 22, 2005 - South Carolina's Trooper of the Year now holds the national title.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Division of State and Provincial Police, named Senior Trooper Darren Wilson the National 2004 Trooper of the Year over the weekend at a competition in Alexandria, Virginia.


Your girls must be very proud, as I'm sure your comrades and anyone familiar with the efforts you've made towards all of your accomplishments are.

May your instincts and training continue to serve you well.

Godspeed, Sr. Trooper & SSG Wilson!

Monday, February 21, 2005

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Growing Up

Oh, the awkwardness of it!

One day, your life is virtually carefree.

The very next day, your feet have outgrown the rest of you, you have blemishes and you’re growing in places where you’ve never grown before.

The shoes you’ve loved for a month no longer fit. The jeans and t-shirts you got for Christmas don’t fit, either, and nothing new you try on looks right in the mirror.

You never cared before, but it suddenly matters that your shoes don’t make your feet look too big, and that your jeans and t-shirts don’t have “growing room”. More importantly, you want to be like your friends, but you don’t want to be exactly like your friends…you just can’t have the same shoes and clothes as your friends, but you have to have things similar to theirs.

You used to bathe only at the insistance of your mom, but now you have an overwhelming urge, not only to bathe, but you must do so utilizing fruity-scented shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.

You think nobody understands, but when your mom hugs you after you’ve refused to even try the sweater she liked in the store on, and not only assures you that your decision matters, but buys the t-shirts and sweatshirts she considers tacky for you without balking, takes you to Bath & Body, drops more than a dime on the fruity-smelling stuff you love, and gives you the cell phone you’ve coveted for a year and a half (even though with extreme restrictions), you know mom understands, and everything’s going to be OK.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pet Rivalry

An early meal before ballet lessons yielded a doggie bag that the kid opened and began to consume during the journey home.

I asked, "Don't you want to wait until we're home to eat?"

She replied, "I'd have to share with Doodlebug."

Long Awaited Homecomings

Best of Luck

Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday Mutt Shot: A Big 'Ole Valentine's Kiss Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 10, 2005

You said I couldn't have any, 'cause they were people treats...Valentines for your friends Posted by Hello

You worked hard to put most of the people treats in packages for your friends Posted by Hello

I should have been guarding the house, but all I could think about was those people treats that you left on the table Posted by Hello

I know I shouldn't have taken any, eaten any, or hidden any ('specially not in your bed), but I just couldn't help myself Posted by Hello

I'm sorry. Please, please, please don't send me to puppy prison. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Don't hit a car full of little old ladies :D

(speakers required)

Mama's Love. Mama's Pride.

A song for her son, the soldier..."Drive On"

The Ads

All of them...and a chance to vote for your favorite

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Could a Kissable, Posted by Hello

Hugable Little Mutt Make a Grown Man Squeal Like a Girl? Posted by Hello

I ain't sayin' nuffin' Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Operation Welcome Home

author unknown

When they got home from Vietnam,
They thought they'd met the test
With veterans of those other wars,
Who proved they were the best.

Instead, the crowds greeted them
With hoots and howls and scorn,
And demonstrated with cold contempt
For all that they had borne.

It was a shock, that "Welcome Home,"
For those who had survived,
And no one seemed to sympathize
When widows and orphans cried.

They marched into rebellion
And a country split in two
By radicals stomping and spitting
On the old Red, White and Blue.

Good people stood in silent consent,
As the protesters razed the land,
And shunned the Vietnam veterans,
Nor offered a helping hand.

Some vets were even forced to lie
On employment application,
For no one wished to accommodate
The disabled on medication.

And more retreated to the hills
And many to mountains fled,
While most, quietly, made returns
To lives they'd previously lead.

Citizens did not wish to hear
Of war lost by government decisions,
Or those who gave their very best
To uphold our country's visions.

So the crippled on crutches stood
By their brothers with missing pride,
And prepared in camaraderie
For the war that raged inside.

The stories are equally as numerous
Of a battle throughout our land,
And the casualties that numbered greater
Than those on Asian strand.

A case that I remember well
Involved a returning vet,
Who called his mother to tell her
About his friend she hadn't met.

He has some special needs, you see,
His legs were blown away;
He's wheelchair bound and coming, too,
But he won't prolong his stay.

"I'm sorry, son, we can't have that!,"
Was the mother's impulsive reply;
"He won't impose," the soldier said,
As he said good night with a sigh.

The following day that mother received
Word that her son was dead;
He had taken a loaded forty-five
And shot himself in the head.

He hadn't described a friend to her,
It was himself of whom he spoke,
He had not wished to burden her
With the care that he'd evoke.

Rejection greeted most every vet
In a thousand ways, -and, then,
Banded together, they welcomed home
Themselves to the country's din.

They built a "Wall" with all the names
Of friends and comrades lost;
It soon became a national symbol
Of the war and freedom's cost.

Never again must there ever be
A Vietnam by another name,
Or a war that our posterity fights
Where the only reward is shame.

Vietnam vets gave all they had
To honor their country's call,
And suffered a double jeopardy
From reflections seen in The Wall.

When they got home, all the way,
Others knew they'd met the test,
And veterans of those other wars, now say,
"They were among the best."

Visit the site. Watch the video.

Better yet, say "Thank you" and "It's good to have you home" to every single veteran you know.

Lil' Bit Predicts

an early Spring.

Since most onlookers were munching on free sausage and ham biscuits, I think I'd have done the same.

The Winning Bidder

Amber Rainey didn’t think her pregnant belly would fetch much as advertising space, but it brought her $4,050.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Lil' Bit the pig...Lexington, North Carolina's Ground Hawg

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