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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


It's necessary; I understand that it is...but, it's torture, just the same.

First, rubber discs were crammed between the kid's teeth. Spacers.

Then, wires were wrapped around them. Brackets.

Today, an appliance, referred to as an expander was installed (or rather, cemented to her teeth).

It's metal bars that bridge her mouth. In the center of these bars is a spring, with a locking mechanism.

I've been given a "key", which closely resembles a shank (a knife or other sharp weapon commonly made by prisoners from readily available materials - it looks like part of a coat hanger taped to a toothbrush handle).

With this key, I am to adjust the spring the each day, causing it to expand, which, in turn, gradually corrects the direction the kid's teeth are growing in.

My mouth hurts, too.

I'm on a diet of soft foods with a regular dose Acetaminophen :-)


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