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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Ellis said he has received reports of private investigators working for out-of-state lawyers soliciting victims or their families.


Miami lawyer Howard Spier, who specializes in railroad cases, expects damages from the train wreck to run into the tens of millions of dollars. Besides damages to the families of those killed or injured, there likely will be property damage claims throughout the town and lost business costs to the mill.


Without signals, the two-man crew of the 42-car train involved in Thursday’s wreck that left nine dead likely had no time to stop, said Howard Spier, a Miami lawyer specializing in railroad cases. He estimated the train needed at least 2,000 feet — more than a third of a mile — to stop.


One can only hope the adage is disproved, for before the good people of Graniteville have all been able to return their homes, lawsuits have been filed.


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