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Saturday, December 18, 2004

News from Florida...

We have adopted a sweet little girl!


I didn't even tell you we were considering it. But we have increased our family by one.

I know, people have already told us that we're crazy for having another when we already have three, but we can't help it. It feels right.

Darren and I have been thinking about adopting for a little while now. We have been weighing the pros & cons, and talking to the kids about it... They're all for it, but I think all they can see is "new baby" but not all the responsibility and work that could be involved.

Anyway, we made our decision today. We had the opportunity to bring home a 6 month old little girl, and we're all head over heels in love. Here's a shocker, though - she's black. But love knows no color - she needed a family. She's asleep on the couch with Darren right now. It's cute. Attached is a picture from earlier tonight.

Her name is Joy... the kids thought it appropriate since it's Christmas.



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