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Saturday, October 02, 2004

My Girl's Gumption

Last year, without telling me until all was said and done, the kid auditioned for a lead role in a dance performance and earned the part.

Sadly, due to time restraints, the performance was cut from the production.

She was so disappointed and so discouraged, I was left with the impression that my words of encouragement and praise fell on deaf ears...until tonight.

Just as I knew of the previous audition, I've known of another for two weeks. This one is for a part in the Sumter Civic Dance Company's annual Christmas production.

Not wanting to be a "Stage Mom", and always wanting to give the kid room to make some decisions for herself, I said nothing then, and I've said nothing about the newly posted audition.

Tonight, the kid told me that a friend wanted her to audition with her.

I told the kid if she wanted to try for the part, she should do so for herself, not for her friend.

"But I have to be in Sumter at 3:30 Tuesday", she said.

"If you want to audition, I will make sure you are there", I said.

"I want to", she said.

So she shall, and she will do so knowing I am here for her, and I am so proud of her for her picking herself up, brushing herself off, and trying again!


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