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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Guardian Angels

Over the years, I've learned to think of myself not as a single parent, but as the active parent; the one who does it all. I've made sacrifices when necessary, begrudging no one, for I've been the recipient of great joy and even greater unconditional love.

There have been times when my burdens seemed overwhelming, but I tried not to ask for help. I've considered myself fortunate to have friends to ease the emotional and family to ease the rest when necessary. Moreover, I've felt that I should offer assistance when I could to others with greater burdens who were less fortunate.

I am reminded today that I am not alone, save my family. There are those who not only see the burdens I carry, but also benefit from the joy and unconditional love the kid gives. They are guardian angels in their own right, standing beside me, helping me, watching over us, and they don't offer to help, they just help.

One has made it her mission to insure that I have the funds necessary for the kid's participation in the upcoming dance production by treating me to lunch every day, insisting that any money I would have normally spent on lunch be set aside for that purpose.

One has assumed the responsibility of transporting the kid to and from the dance production rehearsals.

And yet another left a gift in the form of a letter delivered to my office today pertaining to journeys the kid desperately wants to make with her classmates to Georgia and Florida in the Spring. The letter reads, in part:

"...I am so sorry that Catelyn has had some difficult days of late... If she wants to go on these 2 trips - pay the deposits and I will see that the remainder balances are taken care of...She is such a precious and smart child and I would not want her to miss these experiences for anything."

The kid and I are both overwhelmed with gratitude by these acts of kindness. I will never forget them...especially the kid's response to the letter... an initial grin turned to tears of happiness and she said, "Now you don't have to worry about it anymore, Momma."


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