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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Time and Love Heal All Wounds

When Doodlebug decided to duel with a Dually Sunday, I secretly doubted that such a small dog could survive being trampled by such a large truck. The vet and many others thought the same.

But I believed that she'd survive, because I had to. I had to believe it because I told the kid she would. When the kid cried, "MY dog isn't supposed to die like this. My Doodlebug is supposed to get old and die!", I tried to find the words to comfort her: "We're doing all we can to keep her from dying. I don't think she will. The vet doesn't think she will. You can't think she will. You have to be strong for her and help us take care of her."

Once the kid and the dog were settled after the emergency vet visit, I took the phone, walked outside, called my mom, and began to cry. I needed help. She and my dad were here not long afterwards, providing a brief respite from the our fears and worries.

Doodlebug the Dog is far from full recovery, but, as the vet exclaimed at first sight of her during her follow-up visit today, "You're gonna live! I always worry about sending you little ones home, but you're a spoiled one, you're a loved one, and you're gonna be OK!"


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