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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Poetic Justice

Far, far, far be it for me to revel in another's misfortune.

There are times, however, when the lessons I attempt to teach the kid manifest themselves...

"You reap what you sow".

My meditation with the mower was interrupted today by the owner of the house next door, who just this weekend decided to clean the debris left in his yard by January's ice storm that had not already been removed.

He approached to propose an exchange of property.

He was certain I'd benefit by accepting 10 feet of road frontage from him, while giving him 10 feet of waterfront.

My response was noncommittal to say the least, polite to say the most.

I explained that, though our mutual neighbor maintained his lawn by keeping the grass cut from the center of said mutual neighbor's drive, we all knew that it was not our property line. Additionally, there was easement reserved by the State for access to the water. Furthermore, I stressed that, in spite our mutual neighbor's slight, I made every extra effort to keep the lawns of both of our yards clean for the sake of appearance, even though I knew where the property line laid.

Though he does indeed own some of the road frontage that I maintain, our lots are shaped in such a manner that he does not even own enough property to access his lot in the manner he has always chosen to. In other words, he must cross my lot to get to his door.

I resumed mower meditation for a few moments, resisting the urge to demand that my sometimes neighbor move his car, which was parked partly on my property.

Realizing that my temper was about to get the best of me, I took a break and walked inside, where I was greeted by kid, who asked, "What's wrong?"

When I told her of the proposal, she said, "Even I know waterfront property is worth more than roadfront property. Does he know you work for a lawyer doing real estate?"

I phoned a friend to vent.

Friends are great (Margie) when it comes to such things. They know that there are times when you just need to voice your frustrations before acting on them!

Having regained my composure, but arming myself with the kid as a preventive device, I returned to finish the yard work I started.

Before my task was completed, the sometimes neighbor discovered that his car's battery was dead when he attempted to leave.

Alas, I had no battery cables.

*Seriously considering building a fence, with a gate, so the sometimes neighbor will have to request access*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mighty Pam,
You must by now realize you are wise beyond your years! Your words are true and flow so smoothly.. yes, your message always gets through. You show restraint when others would pounce and but probably miss. Thanks for your words and their relaxing effects! I pray you, "the kid" and little Doodlebug are all doing well. Keep 'em honest! RDLR

11:16 PM  

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