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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Absolute Trust

Determined to show the sometimes neighbor the error of his ways, I contacted the surveyor who completed the survey before I bought the humble home. He marked the corners of the lot, and the kid I were viewing his work when another neighbor approached.

We were in the midst of conversation when, peripherally, I noticed movement at the kid's feet. A closer look in the direction of the movement revealed the head of a snake, peeking out of a hole.

I wanted to yell for the kid to move. I wanted to run towards her, and put myself between her and the creature.

Instead, I was gifted with unbelievable fortitude and said, "Slowly walk this way", gesturing to the right. She did so without question. Then I told her to slowly come to me. Again, she did so without question.

Our neighbor said nothing, but observed curiously, until I motioned for her to turn around and pointed out the eavesdropper. It was only then that the three of us realized the possible danger. Fortunately, a manly-man neighbor came to our rescue within moments.

One difficult neighbor can not make a bad neighborhood, nor can a value be placed on the absolute trust that is given by one you love.


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